Home Front
I am having fun at any breather
I am learning
I am practicing
I imagine what I have learned
I am learning to fill the gaps
Nine Corners
My Original Songs
My Jack Russell
It's satisfactory that you follow me home. There is plenty of room, inside and outside.
My existential quota consist of six subsections.

Section: Living - Existing like a human being

  • Relaxing - Sleeping corner
  • Cooking section
  • Section for sanitary practices
  • Walk in wardrobe

Section: Workshop

  • Hardware tools
  • New parts
  • Recycled parts
  • Video recorder for schema try outs
  • Local laptop for inventory
  • inflows - outflows

Section: Office corner

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Stands and Racks for prototype runs
  • Lighting infrastructure for media records
  • communication links

Section: Solar power station

  • Solar panels (5) (12V-22V 150Watt each). Soon will be increased to (9)
  • Batteries(SAMSUNG 18650 Li-io 4s/256 cells). Soon will be increased to 512 cells
  • 10 KW pure sine power inverter(12.35V) to AC(636Vp-p)
  • Voltage regulators(+4.21Vdc-15Amp, +5,11Vdc-22Amp, +12.35Vdc-680Amp)
  • Two Controlers(Raspberry pi pico, RP2040 microcontroller)
  • Programable 8 way Switching Panel
  • Sensors(Day light Detector, Battery temperature)

Section: Cellar

  • Original song compositions
  • Recordings: Reaper audio production software
  • Quatrosonic Soround: 4 x 280 Watt RMS system
  • Video productions: Blender
  • Archives
  • Song memorabilia
  • Cover music memorabilia, since 1969

Section: Loft

  • All kinds of memorabilia
  • Sealed Boxes
  • Maintainance when required.